What I heart

Michelle is a lovely Blogger from Germany who loves all of her Reebok Freestyle pairs.

Firstly, we would like to ask you for your favourite movie:
The devil wears Prada (I can always watch this movie, I already watched it like 100 times and still love it! 🙂 )

What is your favourite clothing brand?
My favorite brand would be GY’BELL and Reebok of course. My favorite clothing item would be shoes and pants!

Do you have nowadays a pair of Reebok Freestyles?
I have the classic ones, black and white and the Alicia Keys Collection model and I do love each of them equally.
But I do love my white ones for dancing and summer time and my black ones for kinda more “rocky” occasions. 😉 .

The next ones I will buy are definitely the “Freestyle Hi Int Cmb” in fire red, but they are not available to buy in Germany which is so sad. 🙁 I want them so bad!

Do you use them often?
I could wear them every day all day, but I tend to use them a lot anyways! So YES!

Why Reebok Freestyle?
I don’t know if it’s the style, the model, the coloring, the way they hug my feet or the way they make me love them even more every time I put them on, but every single tiny piece of them is just simply PERFECT! <3

Les mills instructor

As we were making the pre-interview you said you discovered your passion for these sneakers when  you became Les Mills instructor por Reebok brand, tell us about that moment…
I was on a big Les Mills Germany Event called “The Superquarterly” where all the National/Master Trainers from Les Mills Germany came  and it was totally amazing!.

I loved every second of it! Luckily I got to talk to one specific Master Trainer called Isabell and she wore the original Reebok Freestyle Hi in white.

I was so stunned by them because they were so simple yet so perfect! I love how they lighted up her whole dance outfit. They just shined so bright and I loved them so much that the next day I went online and bought them, too! And that was the moment I couldn’t stop watching out for new Reebok Freestyles and I still love them so so much! 🙂

Do you recommend Reebok Freestyle for workout as a workout and fitness instructor?
Yes, I do! I love to wear them outside as well, but for dancing they are perfect! So light on your feet and so tight so that you don’t slip or break a leg!

So as a dancer I have to say they are the best ones I have ever owned for dancing! Because they hug your feet! And it feels amazing!

What I heart Reebok Freestyle Fan Club

Definitely urban

Why do you think it´s a timeless sneakers?
They are timeless because they are so natural, have a great style and are good for both – dancing and wearing them in your freetime. They are so many kinds of sneakers and different brands out there..it’s hard to say. I don’t get why they are not so famous, but there are many people out there loving them, so that’s fine!

Combine your freestyles… jeans, leggings, shorts or skirt?
Definitely JEANS!

Your family and friends know about your passion for these sneakers, what they say about?
My mom owns a pair, too. She got it in 1996 and she still wears and loves it and is very jealous that I own more 🙂

How do you consider yourself in a fashion way? Elegant or urban?
Definitely urban! Sneakers all the way!

Do you know anybody who use Reebok Freestyles?
Yes, all my Les Mills peeps!! 🙂

Never stop loving your Reebok Freestyles

Tell us about your instagram profile and activity on there… what are your interests on these photo social network and which pics do you like.
I like to share things about my life and my experiences. Love instagram! I think it is so nice to show people what you do and what you love and it also shows your great photography abilities 🙂 I love fitness, fashion, nature and freestyle pics as well as selfies and seeing people smile!

Reebok Freestyle velcros on or velcros off?
It depends, maybe both. But it depends on what I wear with it.

A final words for our Reebok Freestyle fans…
Sure! never stop loving your Reebok Freestyles! Peace out! 🙂