Pawel, love for wine and Reeboks

Pawel has been a long-time fan and today he answers some questions about his love for Reebok Freestyle and wine, his other great passion.

First of all we must say that it is a great pleasure to have men who choose the Reebok Freestyle as sports shoes. We all know that since the birth of the Freestyle model it has always been associated with a feminine profile and it seems that in recent times this trend is changing. We are happy to know that the RFH are beginning to be present on the streets as a unisex sneaker and guys like Pawel are taking the step to show them to the public by standardizing their use.

Why do you like RFH?
I like because they’re soft, light and Good look on the feet.

In the photos we see that they look very good on you, since when do you use them?
They’re new

What was the first time you saw a Reebok Freestyle and thought you wanted a pair?
It was long time ago… I don’t remember, but I want when I saw big poster on the train station. 🙂

In the photos you send us they appear very new, have you recently had them? Where did you buy them?
I buyed through the net.

Reebok Freestyle are soft and light

For more than 30 years the Reebok Freestyle has been a sneaker for women, what do you think about it?
I think It’s very Good – Women looks So very beautiful and sexy in this shoes. 😉

If you could buy another pair of RFHs, what would it be?
I don’t know… Maybe I’ll choose Purple 😉

Do you have any anecdote about the Reebok Freestyle that has happened to you that you want to tell us? It would be great!
Anecdote? My Girl when she Was my Girl don’t want to wear this shoes.  She don’t like this style…

I like wine because I like the World

In conversations we have had, we have observed that you are a guy with a good taste for wine, where does that taste come from?
I like wine because I like the World. That’s simply. 😉

We were also surprised that you love Doc Martens boots, if you could choose between Doc Martens boots and Reebok Freestyle boots, what would you choose?
If I must choose, sorry but I’ll choose Docs. But Freestyles are also amazing. 😉

We would love for you to offer us a few words for more men to use Reebok Freestyle, what would you say to convince them?
MEN, don’t be shy, If only have Good size and feel comfortable… Let’s walk in Reebok Freestyles, they’re So Cute. 😉

Pawel Instagram (pinot_i_nebbiolo)