Domi, true dance

Dominika Śliwińska is a proffesional dancer, choreographer and nutricionist who bring us today her love for the Reebok Freestyle.

Domi Sliwinska Reebok Freestyle Fan Club capture

Today we greet Domi, a great dance professional whom we had the pleasure of discovering on Instagram several years ago. We wanted to contact her for a long time and talk about her taste for the Reebok Freestyle, since in many of her videos on YouTube she appeared with different models.

However, when we finally decided to write to Domi we met a spectacular, friendly and very conscientious woman in her work. We were delighted to hear that she had recently become a mother and we congratulate her on that. Today we talk about her work, her life and of course, the Reebok Freestyle.

Where are you from?
I’m from Poland.

What do you currently do?
I work as a trainer, dietician, fitness and dance Instructor/choreographer. In my private life I’m a wife and recently, a mother 😉

Watching your videos and photos on your Instagram and YouTube we know that they are one of your favorite sneakers, what can you tell us about it?
When I dance I have to feel comfortable and safe, especially when it comes to shoes. They allow me to push myself even further.

Do you remember your first time with the Reebok Freestyles? What did you feel?
Yes! It was during huge event, the Reebok Wellness Marathon in Prague. I was there as one of Anet Antosova’s dancers and I was so happy and grateful, the event was truly an amazing experience.

I trust in Reebok Freestyle

It is the first time that we interview a dancer fan of RF and we are very happy about it, why do you think that the Reebok Freestyle sneakers is the ideal shoe for dancing?
First of all… THEY LOOK REALLY GOOD ;), wide selection of themes allows everyone to find some pair that would fit them.

Another thing is that, as mentioned above, they are simply comfortable, reliable and safe. They hold the foot well and I feel stable when it count the most. I can focus 100% on what am I doing, wasting no time worrying about my physical health. I TRUST THEM, no matter how silly it sounds 😉

We discovered your work as a trainer a few years ago on your website, where you appeared in some photos with purple Reebok Freestyles, we said: Wow! We quickly fell in love with you! For a long time we have seen how your style has been changing on the fashion way and on the dance style, how has this process been?
Firstly, the photos you saw were those from the Reebok Wellness Marathon. Those were the times of my adventure with TWERK.

Moments later, I created TWERKOUT FITNESS WORKOUT based on my previous fitness knowledge and knowledge of conscious movement and twerking techniques. I started to encourage women in Poland to fight for themselves, their health, to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Basically, I started to motivate them to learn conscious movements without embarrassment, shame or uncertainty. Moments
later, I started to encourage women to be more courageous not only in my training, but also in general dance development. Man does not live only by his booty. I started teaching styles which I learn years ago and also I started to developing my own skills in various styles.

The Twerkout Poland experience

I somehow walked away from TWERK, I flew to LA to learn from the best choreographers and coaches and started taking care of my own path as a dancer, and I focused mostly on styles such as hip hop, high heels, jazz funk, afro dancehall.

Now I am running a regular mixed-style choreographic workshop. I run Online Workshops on conscious movement and women’s choreographies. I invariably work with women on their self-confidence through dance, trying to make them believe in themselves. Trying to make them feel free.


Of course, we have learned from your publications that you have recently become a mother and we want to take this opportunity to congratulate you, what has it meant for you to take such an important step? How do you combine your work with your baby?
From an organized person, I turned into a EVEN MORE ORGANIZED person. Two months after Kai was born, I returned to teaching 2 hours of classes a week, a small child needs a mother so it was a matter of compromise, enough to make me and the little one happy.

My husband supports me very much in my quest if returning to work and fulfilling my passion, so he tries to make it as easy as possible. Soon, as the baby will be a bit older I will be spending more time in the fitness and dance room.

Who knows, maybe he will find it as fun as it is for me. I’m just not a soloist anymore, now I always have to think of myself as a duo.

I see myself as a good trainer and choreographer

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now on?
I see myself as a good trainer and choreographer, constantly training and developing. I am still expanding my dietary knowledge. Working with people is my passion and I hope that I will be able to do this as long as possible.

We also saw how you have been in important dance academies in the USA, how was the experience?
It was an amazing, I miss the dose of movement challenges and “achiever” mindset I had there.

Good products defend themselves with quality

The Reebok Freestyle is a sneaker with more than 30 years of life and it is spectacular to see young girls who use them today, what do you think that this classic is still alive?
Good products defend themselves with quality and time has nothing to do with it.

We have seen in a video that several of your dance partners also wear Reebok Freestyle, are these sneakers so common in your country? Do you consider that it is a fashion footwear?
Certainly among my friends (mostly dancers) there are fans of your shoes. For area of fitness/dancing? Definitely.

In particular, what is the Reebok Freestyle model that you would like to have?
Freestyle white ones 😉

Domi Sliwinska Reebok Freestyle Fan Club

Life is not a fairy tale, but…

We are fascinated with many of the videos that you have alone or with your group of girls in which you do very visual choreographies, will we ever be able to see a dance dedicated to Reebok Freestyle fans? It would be a pleasure to see you! XD.
You never know what the future will bring 😊.

What would you want to say to the Reebok Freestyle community?
You have to fight for yourself, follow your dreams, passions, develop and not give up even if your goal seems to be impossible to achieve. Life is not a fairy tale, but it’s nice to believe that it can become one someday.

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